Electrical Retrofitting

Electrical Retrofitting in Dearborn, MI

Electrical Industries is a full-service electrical contractor that specializes in electrical retrofitting in Dearborn, MI and surrounding areas including Detroit MI, Garden City, Redford, Greenfield Village, Warrendale, Aviation, Franklin Park, Springwells, Claytown, and Livonia. Electrical Industries is a complete electrical service company that specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical systems. We specialize in the implementation of advanced energy-saving technology to residential buildings, businesses and industrial facilities. We provide qualified technicians that are dedicated to providing efficient and high quality services.

Electrical retrofitting

Retrofitting refers to the process of updating older equipment with new technology. In the world of industrial electrical equipment, retrofits are regularly used to add functionality to many types of electrical equipment, including circuit breakers, motor controls, panel boards and switch gear. We’ll make your warehouse a brighter and your offices a little lighter. We can move your facility away from the old inefficient metal halides to T5 or T8 Hi Bay fixtures, we can help. We specialize in using the latest technology to make your facility energy efficient, and certain facilities can upgrade without having to completely replace their fixtures. Lighting retrofits can greatly reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills while maintaining lighting levels and quality by upgrading lighting components to more efficient and advanced technologies. Upgrading technologies can also offer employees greater control over lighting, allowing for additional energy savings. Improved Lighting Quality Lighting retrofits can improve lighting quality by targeting problem areas with specific design considerations to overcome common lighting issues.

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Electrical Retrofitting